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Posted in Poetry with tags , , , on July 9, 2009 by bodhitsattva

Abbot and Costellos are a joke. Tits are sexy. Baby feeders are irreplaceable. Boulders are troublesome. Bosoms are sensitive. Celestial orbs are all-knowing. Knockers are demanding. Funbags are irresponsible. Isaac Newtons are dogmatic. Ying-yangs go with the flow. Chesticles are a mystery. The girls have passion. Mounds possess magic. Hood ornaments are distracting. Eye magnets are attractive. Melons make nectar. Bee stings are sore. Godzillas have egos. Tatas love attention. Cans doubt fumbling hands. Milk maids are choosey. Twin peaks mark the spot. Yahoos don’t have a clue. Cha-chas want to enjoy themselves. Lungs breathe. Breasts deserve respect.