I want to be captured.
Make no mistake.
And he wants to chase me;
it’s our game. Being bound
to a fire-breathing turtle’s
boat in the sky beats
being bound to a castle full
of toads and plumbers, in which
my cousin is my only friend;
Fair Daisy and her complacency:
she’d never understand my
motivated victimization, or
the freedom of being a captive.

I peer over the air ship’s balcony (it should
be my dungeon) to see the ship’s
shadow sail across seas and rare islands,
giant plants and lava lakes. I am
never chained like a slave, have you
noticed? This is the kingdom (my
kingdom) that I never get to see;
it’s the kingdom that never sees me.

And my hero husband? We’ve never
married; this is my request.
Because what happens when
his nemesis is dead, and the thrilling
chase comes to an end? He’ll be
on to the next blonde baby
that plays princess, needs rescue,
and gives good head.

2 Responses to “Peach”

  1. I admire your beautiful capture of complexity in modern relations,
    love is hard to stay put,
    things change …


    • bodhitsattva Says:

      Thank you very much! Are you familiar with the Mario Brothers games from Nintendo? This is a play on Princess Peach, the damsel in distress that always get captured, time and again. 🙂

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