Our Friendship is a Tattoo of Abbey Road

It’s that long and winding something, oh darling, where we sing and dance in car seats as mechanics change oil around us; remember, that one Sunday, the two of us, a day in the life of God and the barefoot corpse. The year we didn’t speak, I imagined we were Paul and John; that we separated because of squabbles over lovers, Linda’s father, our changing attitudes arguing about happy-go-lucky tunes and pseudo politico lyrics; as if there was no yelling in the hall about adulthood, what it meant to wash my walls where friends had spilled wine and chocolate.

Imagine the band got back together.

We had a reunion show, got stoned afterward. In your studio, Eleanor Rigby and Lovely Rita sniffed out my boy cats on my clothes, and remembered me immediately, meowing and shaking their whiskers. We never missed a note, harmonized like harp strings. We laughed at everything: the Ballyshannon Drive prank war involving a can of tuna and a car seat, Martha’s mutant eye, my drunken belligerence outside Eye Spy on Bungalow Bill’s birthday. You saw my blond, freckled Yoko really loves me; I saw you are not stuck in the early 60s. Now I’ll never be shot outside the Dakota, and you won’t be left alive, just Ringo for company. That’s if we were Beatles.

One Response to “Our Friendship is a Tattoo of Abbey Road”

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