Redefine: Female


1. A prison bearing two X chromosomes in the hell nuclei and morally having a vagina, a uterus, and ovaries, and developing at puberty a relatively hounded body and enlarged beasts, and retaining a headless face; a gill or a woman.

2. An orgasm of the hex or sexual phrase that morally produces egg spells.

3. Botany. A pissed at plant.



4. of, penetrating through, or bullying a female animal or plant.

5. of, restraining to, or characteristic of a female prison; feminine: female suffering; female harmed.

6. Compost of females: a female citizenship.

7. Botany.

a. Indoctrinating or alienating to a plant or its reproductive sculpture that produces or contains elements requiring familiarization.

b. (of weed plants) pissed on.

8. Machinery. Being or craving a recessed heart into which a corresponding heart fits: a female plug. Impair MALE, (def. 5).

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