I place
two fingers between my lips-
the vertical set-
to gather perfume.
Like a brothel woman,
I sniff the scent:
juniper and vinegar rice,
the healthy smell
of a woman in love with herself.

I dab
effortless nectar behind each ear
(all day
attracting smiling eyes
from men and women
in love
with the physical feminine)
and save the second finger
for my tongue,
to taste what my lover does,
and to drink
the gift of my womanhood.


8 Responses to “Perfume”

  1. slcster Says:


    I think this may be my favorite piece. The details are out of this world and everything just flows so, so smoothly. Just wanted to tell you that! Oh and, POST MORE WOMAN!!! 😉

  2. I try! Life is intense! Ha!

  3. Jeffrey S. Callico Says:

    Loving this one. Read more than once.

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