When I pee
in a public bathroom,
I pretend
I’m Queen
of a naked country
where toilets are thrones,
and no one
minds a little thigh,
or a lot of thigh,
or a vagina,
or a scrotum;
where people
earn Nobel Peace Prizes
for fucking in public,
so children
know sex
as humanitarian;
where women
sit under
period huts once a month
to bleed
into dug out ground
and men cum
to combine
egg and sperm,
then gaps
are covered
and nothing is wasted
as flowers seed
in the dirt;
where I need
no panties
to pull up under
my dress,
or a dress
to pull up
over my head
when I make
walled-in love
(because sometimes love is wetter
where there
are no stalls
the shit holes
and I can
poop in peace
mine is just like yours.


3 Responses to “Utopia”

  1. i like this. i may have to read more of your work.

  2. bodhitsattva Says:

    Thank, Marc! There is plenty more to come…

  3. Jeffrey S. Callico Says:

    Fuck I love this. So visceral.

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