I Went Because The Truck Went

From the moment
I heard a mouse’s voice
screaming from underneath
the truck I slammed into,
I knew the truck’s driver
had hit a child,
and I had hit the truck
that hit the child.

The man came out
of his behemoth
(all-white metal
and fishing decals)
and rambled to me,
“The light was green,
you saw that right,
that the light was green,
and did you see the child,
I didn’t see the child,
it wasn’t his turn to cross though
because the light was green,
you saw that the light was green, right?”

I was blinded by the drive
to get where I was going
along with jutting bushes
and hanging moss
at the street’s corner,
plus the truck
turning right in front of me,
its grill as tall as the twelve-year-old:
I went because the truck went,
trusting to much what I couldn’t see
from my tiny sedan.

3 Responses to “I Went Because The Truck Went”

  1. morgipip Says:

    i think you should leave out the middle stanza.

  2. morgipip Says:

    trusting too** much

  3. bodhitsattva Says:

    Ah yes, too. I wrote this in a haste.

    I agree that the poem works without the middle stanza. I just felt the need to show the man in the truck. But I suppose it steals focus there in the middle.

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